Next Event- Jul 12 BURTONSVILLE

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Next Event- Jul 12 BURTONSVILLE

Post by fingers630 » 2015-07-06

War comes to Burtonsville as the NQ! frigate attempts to beach on Ched Nesad soil. Bring your fighting pants as its gonna be messy.

In addition, Ched Pre Adventure for Jul campout should be run and lots of 2 teams to be fought.

Finally Darkon honors a fallen brother as there will be a Charity Event held for Fink of Gestiguiste from Dagorhir. Donate $5 for an additional 2 battle credits, or $10 for an additional 4. All charity proceeds will go to Fink's Family.

Bring lots of water, bring lots of weapons, and bring those fighting pants....or whatever you like to fight in.
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Re: Next Event- Jul 12 BURTONSVILLE

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2015-07-08

We should also mention, that we will be taking deposits and having forms signed for those who have stated interest in using a cabin at Camp West Mar on July 24th-26th. Its a $100 Returnable deposit. Cash or Check.
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