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Next Event- 8/9/15 Oregon Ridge

Posted: 2015-08-02
by fingers630
The House of Cards Ice Breaker Battle

Sunday Aug 9th
2pm-4pm Oregon Ridge

Brought to you by:

Fingers the Rogue
The number 13 and the letter Y.

This battle will be a modified Ice Breaker Battle. Instead of teams of 2 or 3 that are tossed back out into the fray again and again, Darkonians will be divided by the draw of a card, assigned to 1 of 4 teams, and compete for 2 hours with a group of people they may or may not have had the chance to in the past.

It is an event designed to bring Darkonians together, and form alliances (and sometimes friendships) with people that you dont fight with the other 99% of the time at Darkon.

After check in and Land searches, the Realm will line up in 2 (semi straight)lines and I will go down the line handing out playing cards. Keep this card with you and please dont leave it on the field when the day is done. Dispose of trash properly folks at the end of the day.

Four Veterans of the Realm will be introduced as the “King” of their particular suit. Each King will choose a member of the opposite sex to be his or her “Queen” for the day. The exception to this will be for team Hearts, as the Queen will be introduced, and choose her King.

After that, cards will be passed out the line of veteran players and the line of newer players, trying to keep the teams as balanced as possible.

Each team, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades, will form up and be given an armband/headband to wear throughout the day. **If I notice that 8 mages end up on the Heart team, I and the elders reserve the right to swap some people around for fairness**

In addition to the rank and file soldier, all teams will have a KING, QUEEN, JACK, and ACE, decided by the cards. Each will be given a small card with a minor ability they have for the day, in addition to whatever normal battle abilities they have as their class.

Each team is also given a flag, which must remain with the bulk of the fighting force (or inside their starter fort) at all times, unless it is stolen by an opposing team and later reclaimed. In this event, the reclaimer should rejoin the bulk of his or her force asap.

There will also be four special "JOKER" cards out there. Again, they will be given their own card with their objectives.

This is an ADVENTURE BATTLE day, so all adventure rules will be in effect with the exception of the Insta-cast for free headband rule that is restricted to 2 team fights. Headbands will remain to cost 0sp but are ONLY insta-cast when 1. you are leaving hades. or 2. at the HOLDs for point tallying.

Alliances are allowed, and encouraged HOWEVER, each team has an "ancient enemy" that they will not work with:

Hearts hate Diamonds
Clubs hate Spades
Diamonds hate Hearts
Spades hate Clubs

The animosity these teams feel for each other is so great, not only will they not team up together, but, they will not join a faction containing members of an enemy team.

- For example, if there is a group of Spades and Hearts fighting together, no Diamond will join them, even if they fight "a little bit away" from a Hearts player.

But How Do We Win?
The event will run 3 15 periods, from when I call LAY ON, until the final hold called. There will be 3 holds, 1 every 15 min in which the elder for your team will count your points for that "period". After the last hold, the points will be tallied and the winner announced.

The points are as follows:
10 pts- Possessing your own team flag (Heart, Diamond, Spade or Club at the end of each period)
5 pts- Possessing the flag of another team (5pts per flag)
1 pt- Per “Face Card” killed by your team. Nobles (King, Queen, Jack, Ace) will be required to note which team killed them when they check into Hades. If you honestly do not know, let the Hades elder know this when he/she signs you in, but please try to make note who it is that kills you.
5pts- If your team's Joker successfully completes his or her objective (new objective each period)
1-5pts- Elder's Prerogative. This 1 time bonus is given by your elder and is based on the following:
- Realistic Deaths
- Roleplaying
- Good Sportsmanship
Your elder may award you anywhere from 1-5pts based on if your team excelled at the above.

Well Our Team Won….but What Did We Win?

Aside from bragging rites,I will be taking a group photo of the winning suit to prominently display for all of the realm. lesser suits will have to stare at your mugs, and know shame, as I will bump this photo weekly.

In addition, I will have the elders scouring the fields for exceptional individuals that either roleplay above and beyond, or perform a heroic deed, or what have you. To these individuals, I will reward with 1 potion or scroll of their choice.


Lastly, there will be a HADES present. There is NO FIGHTING within 50ft of Hades (Elders discretion for 50ft). When you become alive again, you will "spawn" at the 50ft mark.

Just a reminder, all "Face Cards" (King, Queen, Jack, and Ace) will be instructed to mark which team killed them when they sign in. Please be honest, it's just a game.

After the final hold is called, as well as before players are lined up to distribute cards, players are encouraged to participate in 2 teams fighting.

I hope everyone has a blast.

Thom Hitz

Re: Next Event- 8/9/15 Oregon Ridge

Posted: 2015-08-05
by Thrush Svartehjertet
I hope to be there. This is such a fun fight!


Re: Next Event- 8/9/15 Oregon Ridge

Posted: 2015-08-05
by fingers630
Hopefully next year we will have some nice fancy belt squares :)