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Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-01-09
by Veyero
Greetings Darkonians!

I guess I'd like this to be a kind of discussion/recruitment type post. I'm really looking to start a group in the CT/MA area that uses Darkon rules. I'm really just interested in finding out who would be willing to help get this whole deal started, and if there's even people from around here on the boards. I'd also really love any feedback about getting started in making a branch out of nothing. Any help at all would be appreciated, but keeping it positive would be nice :D

Re: Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-01-10
by Lord Dubh
My advise is always the same:

Put up ads at gaming stores and local websites catering to LARPs.
When ready to start, make a schedule and stick to it...whether your the only person their or you have 30 it makes no difference. Not sticking to a schedule is the death of a club.

Re: Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-01-10
by Ogre Solaris
I'm planning on starting my own Darkon derivative once I move away from the Dc area in a few months so I'll be needing advice too. I have the benefit of being able to talk to Darkonians in person, at least for a while, so I'll use that and anything I learn I'll put up here.

One thing I intend to do is lead by example. If I'm founding the club, you had better bet on me having good garb, well maintained armor, and regularly inspected and safe weapons at every single event. I'm not going to be fielding in ring mail missing half its rings, a t-shirt and cargo pants, and swinging a PVC and camp foam brick of a sword.

Getting people to want to participate is going to be a challenge at the beginning and you get more flies with honey than vinegar as they say, so make it look appealing and I'm hoping more people will want to get involved.

Re: Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-01-11
by Defalcone
Lord Dubh is right on that, make a schedule and stick to it, even if there is only you. What if someone sees your ad and decides not to contact you first but just show up? If no one is there, you have lost that player. I have been part of a group that I help start here in Montana 7 years ago. When we started we had 3 members, we quickly gained a fourth and we stayed there for awhile. Mind you we didn't push the game to much when we first started we spent some time and learned the rules, we tried everything just to see how it worked, after we were comfortable with our knowledge of the game we began to advertise, mostly by word of mouth early then pushing into flyers and local newspapers.

You will have ups and downs in player attendance, we 7 years later we have over 40 registered members. One thing you will see is your attendance depending on the weather. We notice that when the weather is good, not to hot, not too cold, not raining etc. We will have 20+ members on the field, but too hot, too cold, or too wet, then only the dedicated players will come out.

HAVE LOANER WEAPONS! Thats right build extra weapons for potential new members can use! We we first started we built all the weapons in the rulebook, for the club, not for our own personal use. This gained us many new members.

Teach others to fight, dont just beat on them then go home, even throw some fights to lesser players, nothing will drive most players away more than losing all the time.

Re: Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-01-11
by smelton
I will re-state the stick with it plan also. The guys who started ORCS had only 3-5 people for the first 4 years or so. I joined in 2006 and we are now fielding a 50 average with a few event hitting over 65. We currently have about 525-550 people on the books.

If you can, find a public place to do your events, public parks are best if you can be there. After you get a solid foundation of a few folks, advertise whereever you can. Comic shops, tattoo palors, craigslist, facebook, etc. If you guys have small comic-cons up there try to get on those as well.

The biggest thing to me for growth is hospitality. Nobody wants to come to a hostile environment off the field, on the field is different.

Re: Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-09-06
by mariashawn
What Andor has suggested is in my in-box. I am still reviewing it and will be speaking to the EB that formulated the current license to see if what Andor sent me meets the intent. :lol:

Re: Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-09-08
by Sir Tyriel Firebrand
Im pretty excited to see other groups attempting to start up. A lot of the information here is very helpful to you. There should be a thread on here that has a lot of links such as weapon tutorials and what not. You should look up those as well.

Re: Connecticut Group?

Posted: 2013-09-11
by Lord Dubh
mariashawn wrote:What Andor has suggested is in my in-box. I am still reviewing it and will be speaking to the EB that formulated the current license to see if what Andor sent me meets the intent. :lol:

I am confused by this statement. I was President that implemented the current license.