Special Rules for Patuxent River Park

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Special Rules for Patuxent River Park

Post by President » 2012-02-14

In addition to the campout policy - http://www.darkon.org/campout.html - here are special rules governing Patuxent River Park.

  • Camping is limited to the 5 group camping sites (each holds about 100 people) - http://www.pgparks.com/Things_To_Do/Nature/Jug_Bay_Natural_Area/Camping_and_Picnics.htm - , no one is to camp a the Canoe Camp without EB permission.
  • Drumming and other acoustic and live musical activities are permitted but tone it down after 2:00am.
  • This is a local government owned facility so Police and park rangers can and will be stopping by and may or may not be in uniform.
  • Fires are limited to the fire rings already on the site, grills, fire bowls and tiki torches.
  • You can bring firewood in from other Maryland counties, but any wood you bring in you must burn or take with you when you leave.
  • Site opens at noon on Friday and closes at noon on Sunday.

It should not have to be said but violation of these rules will result in suspension.

John Machate - President

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Re: Special Rules for Patuxent River Park

Post by Prince Andrick » 2013-03-08

Just a friendly reminder that all of this still applies. Doing anything at this site that would jeopardize our use if it would be exceedingly bad for the people involved. Be sure to bring period containers for all beverages.

Tim Beavers, President 2013
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