Buff coats & such

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Buff coats & such

Post by mtaylor » 2014-03-31

Been thinking about costuming for the longer term and went looking for guidance in the current rules. I find this statement:

Costuming for Darkon should be inspired by pre-industrial historical clothing or fantasy genre clothing.

I am curious what the generally accepted understanding specifically within Darkon is for "pre-industrial" beyond the blindingly obvious case of mass produced modern clothing. The generally accepted start of the Industrial Revolution is mid to late 18th century. That would cover well up to the early to mid enlightenment in Europe, or the colonial period in the new world. Japan and the far east would arguably be up to 100 years later.

I am wondering how well received a 16th or 17th century buff coat http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buff_coat or some variation on that theme would be?

I am at present limited to leather and am not a big fan of strapping bits of armor individually.

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Re: Buff coats & such

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2014-11-23

This seems like a pretty good alternate to an arming coat to me.

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