Proposal – Change Spell Word Count to Syllable Count

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Proposal – Change Spell Word Count to Syllable Count

Post by Inox » 2013-11-05

Proposed By: Kevin Zygmontas Cosigners: April Pevear & David Rife


Making this change would not make spells faster. You can read 100 single-syllable words in the same time you can read 100 syllables.

However, it would remove the advantage in writing single-syllable word streams of nonsense. People would no longer be penalized for when they write spells that use larger words.

I feel that this would go a long way toward bringing more RP flavor to casting.

The changes that would need to happen are very few, and are straightforward:


CHANGE p. 11 Spell Marshal line:

Ensuring that spells of casters (scrolls, books, etc.) are written to the proper word syllable length.

CHANGE p. 39 Spell Books line:
Each spell is assigned a spell length, which is the minimum number of words syllables that the spell must contain in order to be cast.

REMOVE p. 40 Casting a Spell – Example text

Example: If a Mage is casting Lightning Bolt, which has a required length of at least 150 words and the five word invocation line "I, [Name], invoke Lightning Bolt!" he must read at least 145 words to cast the spell.

(This change adds a handful of syllables/words to a spell, as we would not be discounting for the invocation line, which I think many players do not do currently regardless.)

CHANGE p. 41 Spell Characteristics:

The base number of words syllables a spell must consist of in order to be cast; this does not include any reductions.

REPLACE p. 42-57:

All references to ‘Words’ in the individual Spell Descriptions would be replaced by ‘Syllables’.

CHANGE p. 60 Potions and Scrolls

When writing the spell on the scroll, the creator should determine the number of words syllables according to his rank

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