Maelstrom- redux

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Maelstrom- redux

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2013-11-08

In an attempt to get the sword used as a sword and not a pillow cannon, here's a stab at a giant sword worth using in combat. This was heavily influenced by the discussions led by Mardux.

Proposed by :Baron Valfryn Ken'Virr (Chris Murphy)
Cosigned by : Fingers (Thom Hitz), Inox(Kevin Zygmontas)

Bullet points:
Does 3 points of damage
makes wielder immune to fire/cold
no more spellballs

Currently: (p63)
Original Text: From:This mighty two-handed sword was first used by the frost giants dwelling in the frozen wastes above Valdimar. The maelstrom functions as a two-handed, enchanted great sword, in addition to having the ability to generate Ice Storms. The participant in possession of Maelstrom may hurl up to 3 Ice Storms. To utilize this ability, the possessor must say "I summon ice from Maelstrom!", then throw a white spellball at their target. Failure to say the incantation line will result in the spell not going into effect. The spellballs may be ones accompanying Malestrom or ones belonging to a mage. The effects of the ice storm act exactly as they are written in the mage spell Ice Storm, see Chapter Six: Spells and Magic. Only Maelstrom itself may cut through the ice to cause damage to the victim, although the victim can also be freed and/or damaged according the the rules of Ice Storm.

This mighty two-handed sword was first used by the frost giants dwelling in the frozen wastes above Valdimar. The Maelstrom functions as an enchanted great sword, but dealing three points of slashing damage in stead of the two points dealt by standard black damage. Due to the unwieldy nature of the frost giant weapon, it must be wielded at all times with both hands. In addition to having the ability to deal increased damage, the participant in possession of The Maelstrom is immune to all cold and fire based attacks and effects. When striking a participant with The Maelstrom, the wielder is to announce "Maelstrom!".

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