Return of Credit Transfer as a Darkon Rule

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Return of Credit Transfer as a Darkon Rule

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2014-06-09

Proposed by: Baron Valfryn (chris murphy)
Cosinners: Duke Inox (kevin zygmontas), Caedes (andrew protani)
2014 notes: This is a copy and past of my original prop that I sent up in 08, some wording was cleaned up, but should be relevant, regardless.

Preface: This proposal is designed to alleviate our players and databases of rogue/forgotten credits, as well as supplement the Darkon treasury's main form of fund raising (check in).

Transfer of Player Credits:

A player may re-allocate credits from one player class to another class belonging to the same player. If a player decides to do so, it must be done at the rate of one credit PER EVENT. At the event that the transfer takes place, the player MUST sign in as the class to which the credit is to be allotted to as well as pay a transfer fee of one dollar in addition to normal club dues. Camp outs and day events both allow but one transfer credit, as each are but one event.


This seems like a good way to straighten up some loose data on our laptop as well as get some revenue for our club (considering the sheer amount of people that will take advantage of this). Might also alleviate some class regrets for some of our players.
I designed this with the caveat of allowing but one credit at a time, and requiring the player to sign is as the recieving class to curtail "overnight fireballers" (stealing the thunder of our current class hierarchies), as well as giving the player ample time to learn their new spells/ abilities sufficiently.

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