Removal of Armbands

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Removal of Armbands

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2015-04-16

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In order to line up our rules to better accommodate the "O.R.C.S." merger, and create a codified core rulebook: I suggest that we eliminate the requirement for Armor declaration armbands. There are many reasons against them, some for them, but in general I feel they don't need to exist, and eliminating them will aid in bringing the two clubs closer together.

Fairly Simple fix per the rulebook:
Eliminate all mention of armband requirements.
The "Armor" section will be amended as such (amendments made in bold).

All armor in Darkon is classified into one of five armor classes (AC). The AC worn will determine how many hits a participant may absorb before wounds are inflicted, depending on the weapon type. Armor must cover at least 75% of the upper/lower appendage or torso in order to be considered armor; for example, belts and buckles are not considered armor.

Armor will only protect the area that it covers. A hit that is struck to an unarmored area, even if it strikes between the joints of a piece of armor, will inflict a wound to the recipient as if it were striking AC0 (no armor). If a participant is wearing hidden armor, they may be asked by Elders or participants to disclose what armor is worn, which they must truthfully answer.

If a participant is wearing multiple types of armor covering the same hit zone, a hit to that zone counts as one hit to all of the armor covering that zone. For example, a participant is wearing AC3 covering his thigh and AC4 covering his shins; any hits to the leg will count as a hit to both ACs. Therefore, the protection on the thigh will be exhausted before the protection on the shin because AC4 can absorb more hits than AC3. If a participant is wearing two or more types of armor that cover or overlap one another, the participant may only count the armor that offers the most protection. For example: A participant is wearing a leather jerkin (AC1) covered by a splint mail vest (AC2) on his torso. He may only use the protection given by the AC2 splint mail. If a limb is lightly wounded, any armor on that limb is considered exhausted until the wound is healed and the armor repaired.

Once a piece of armor has absorbed a hit, that piece is considered to have taken damage. Damaged armor will remain in that condition until it is repaired either through a skill, spell, or in Hades (see Hades, below).
The Armor Marshal or Magistrate will rule on any questions or disputes regarding armor. "

Now hidden armor is only hidden if you don't ask, or care.
The rulebook drops down 10 lines of text (maybe even a full page, counting the end of chapter gap.)
Gains one sentence.

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