Nov 1 - Archery alteration proposal

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Nov 1 - Archery alteration proposal

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2015-04-23

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With the suggestions of other players, I've decided to sling this prop as a class ability change which should make things easier with the core rules not being altered, and might add a little IC flavor.

Add to rulebook under Ranger, Assassin, Thief

Class Ability : Bodkin Arrow
Who gets it: Ranger, Assassin, Thief
When do they get it:
Ranger: 10
Assassin: 10
Thief: 15

At 10th Rank, the Ranger gains the use of the "Bodkin Arrow" ability. The Bodkin Arrow behaves as a regular arrow, with the added benefit of armor piercing capability. Beyond normal arrow damage, the Bodkin Arrow will also bypass AR 3, Stoneskin, Steelskin, Ironskin. Bodkin Arrows may be deflected by monks, shields, and the magic shield spell.

The arrow itself is to be constructed as normal, with a yellow striking surface. Only players with the "Bodkin Arrow" ability may use bodkin arrows.

Line item: Ranger only
Line item: Limiting the amount of bodkin arrows a player may "begin" with.
The Ranger accrues Bodkin Arrows as their career advances. Beginning with one arrow, the ranger may add an additional Bodkin Arrow to their quiver every (Y) levels to a maximum of (X) Bodkin Arrows.

Sub Line item Y = Levels per arrow increase (2/5)
Sub Line item X = Number of maximum bodkin (5/10/no limit)

Line item:
Class Ability : Sniper
Who gets it: Ranger
When do they get it:
Ranger: 15

At 15th Rank, the Ranger may fire fire arrows directly into structures, ignoring the rule which requires arrows to be shot at a 45 degree angle. When these shots are fired, the Ranger is to shout "Sniper" for clarity.

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