Nov 1 - Bizarro

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Nov 1 - Bizarro

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2015-08-18

Author: Chris Murphy (Lord V)
Cosign: Dallas Pierce (Waco), Michael McDuffee (Lord Mardux)

Proposal: allowing more flexibility in character use during bizarro days, allowing bizarro characters to be used during land actions, not land wars.

To be added in the “Events” Section
Bizarro battles or adventures allow players to play alternate characters or character classes during the event. Players are encouraged to play as a different character or class with a level equal to their highest possessed character level. Character classes may be changed at each character death or 10 minutes disengaged from play. Players may take part in Land Actions using Bizarro characters, but may only engage in Land Wars using the character class in which they signed in as that day.

Line option: Only players who have signed in as rangers during that event may use the land search ability.

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