Proposal: Comittee formation for Chapters

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Proposal: Comittee formation for Chapters

Post by BaiterofBAMC » 2012-02-24


To survey interest in Darkon as a whole as to the formation of a committee to develop structure for the express intent of forming Darkon chapters, including a national database, a national ruleset for use in inter-chapter events, rules for using the Darkon ruleset and other structures as needed.


There are currently 3 groups of people fighting in the US that are using Darkon derived rules. Hampton Roads ORKS has been in existence for a decade already and some of the other ones have been around for 5 years or so (Speak up other groups!) The time is ripe for Darkon as a whole to gain traction as a national group. We have a great game and it's spreading as we speak whether we like it or not. Let's put our efforts together to guide and foster other chapters of our great game. This is the time to take the opportunity to work towards the goals of national events, being able to travel from park to park and play your same character and to develop camaraderie with other fellow stick slingers. It would be fantastic to have a national event of our own and have giant sized battles!

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