Proposal: Armor Changes

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Proposal: Armor Changes

Post by Inox » 2012-03-01

AC 0: Garb only
AC 1: 5 oz. Leather
AC 2: Augmented Leather (studs, rings, spaced plates, etc.), Hide, Leather Scale, & Thin Chainmail
AC 3: Chainmail, Scale, Butted
AC 4: Banded and Plate

The AC equals the points of damage it stops.

Code: Select all

               Hits Taken to Body:   
             1          2            3
Limb       Light      Mortal       Death
Torso      Mortal     Death        Death
Head       Death      Death        Death

  • Yellow does one point, but cannot advance a limb beyond Light.
  • White does one point.
  • Black does two points.
  • Red does two points and ignores AC 1 and 2 entirely. The first wound from a red weapon to a limb is always Light.

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