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Armor Armband Change Proposal

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2012-05-08

Armor Rating Armbands

If torso armor type is hidden or unclear at a glance, such as Shark Mail (or other chainmail type armor that doesnt meet AR2 requirements), players must wear a colored armband on their weapon arm that represents the torso AR worn. The armband must be made of cloth or tape and at least 1 ½” wide. If the color of the armband is the similar to that of the costume worn under it, the colored material must be placed over a white band at least 3" wide. All armbands must be clearly visible.

AR5 No Armband
AR4 Blue Armband
AR3 Green Armband
AR2 Red Armband
AR1 Orange Armband
AR0 Yellow Armband


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