Proposal: No more bars

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Proposal: No more bars

Post by Kobalos » 2012-01-13

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Another terribly simple proposal. Delete this:

Bar (Yellow weapon)
Bars must have an overall length between 18” and 6 ½’. Similar to a long or short sword, the blade must have a width of at least 3” and a depth (or thickness) of at least 1 ½”. Bars may not have quillions.

Change the monk unarmed fighting ability (pp. 127-8)

Also at 1st rank, the Monk gains the skill of unarmed fighting. As a representation of unarmed fighting skill, the player uses two minimum length clubs (12" length blade + 6" handle) covered in orange fabric. These do Yellow damage, and may have Yellow stab tips. At no time may a player use the skill of unarmed fighting without such a club.
The monk is considered unarmed for roleplaying purposes, and the clubs cannot be "dropped" or lost. However, anytime the player is doing an act that requires the use of both hands (swimming, climbing, swinging on ropes, etc.) the clubs cannot be in the player's hands, and should be sheathed, tucked in a belt, etc. This helps simulate that the Monk's guard is not up at such a time.

Also, remove all other references to bars (as weapons) in the rulebook. If it passes, I'll happily work with the rulebook editor to do so.

Finally: Any [Un-]Holy bars currently in existence may be reconstructed as [Un-]Holy maces or clubs.

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