2nd Half 2012 Clarirfications for the Senate

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2nd Half 2012 Clarirfications for the Senate

Post by President » 2012-11-07

Presidential Rulings for the Senate

Half Swording:
The act of grabbing the blade of your weapon with your hands and blocking an incoming swing. The NC has ruled this to be a safe tactic and it is not against the rules. To clarify - It is legal to use the half sword tactic understanding that while the hit zone rule applies, it is hard to enforce in this instance.

Two Weapons in One Hand:
It is legal to hold two weapons in one hand and using them to block is not anviling.

Every country WILL offer one Elder each event. Report to the Magistrate or Event Elder.
Elders will enforce the rules, even calling peoples shots, as mandated by the rulebook. Anyone arguing with an Elder will be sat down or sent home dependent on the severity as determined by the Elders.

The adventure skills/spells, neutralize poison, immunity to poison and purify food and drink can be used in any scenario in which the use of poison is permitted by the rules.

Crown War:
With the exceptions given under Crown Wars, rules for invasions and sieges in the Land Rules apply to Crown War.
If two or more knights challenge the High King by single combat (a noble tournament ring fight), there will be a Crown War instead.
A knight has to be Prince when they become High King to become an Arch Duke at the end of their reign. (Note - This is the intent of the rule, just want to clarify the wording)

Siege Weapons:
Bolts/balls do 4 hits of damage in the AOE while blessed bolts/balls do 4 holy hits in the AOE, to NPCs that takes points of damage instead of our hit system.

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