Proposal: Mercenaries

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Proposal: Mercenaries

Post by Lady Ether » 2013-06-18

Proposed by Elisabeth Crockett – Ether of Elidor
Cosigned by a bunch of people.

Current Rule:
Hiring out as a mercenary is considered to be an individual’s Offense Land Action for that event; however, he may participate in all applicable Defensive Land Actions for the country he has hired out to, as well as any Defensive Actions involving his own country.

New Rule:
Hiring out as a mercenary is considered to be an individual’s Offensive Land Action for that event. Mercenaries may only participate in either the Offensive or a Defensive action for the country that has hired them. Mercenaries may also participate in any Defensive actions involving his/her own country.

A mercenary is not a member of the country that has hired them – they are only hired for 1 action. This change would require countries that are hiring mercenaries to be more strategic in how they use their mercenaries – but still allows the mercenaries to fight in any defensive actions that their actual (surcoated) country is involved in

This puts the mercenaries more in line with the description above that line (bold by me): Individual participants may only engage in one Offensive Land Action per event as described above. They may also participate in as many Defensive Land Actions as their country is involved in during that event; this includes defending against another country’s invasion and attacks at sea. When participating in Land Events, participants must play the character they selected during check‐in for all Land Actions.

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