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Open Cavalier Class

Post by Sir Aethilgar » 2013-06-30

1. Policy Proposal Name: Open Cavalier Class
2. Proposal Originator:
a. name: Baron Aethilgar
b. email:
3. Proposal Version: 1.0
4. Date: 06/19/2013
5. Proposal type: Modification of Class Rules
6. Policy term: Permanent
7. Policy statement:
This proposal is to remove the 'noble only' restriction from the Cavalier class and make it available to the general populous.

8. Rationale:
I have oft heard it said that the Cavalier class is overpowered in comparing it to other classes and that allowing only certain nobles access to the class represents an unfair advantage. In an effort to remove this perception; we should open the class to any who wish to play it.

We should maintain the 'cost' of the class and raise it slightly to 15 ranks (or more). This would allow the class to become a veteran's reward and would be obtainable congruent to personal heraldry.

Alignment; recently removed from monks, would be removed from Cavaliers, as well, and their alignment-bases sashes replaced with their personal heraldry.

Additionally; editing out gender-specific text seems appropriate.

9. Text:

Any character that is a Knight of the Realm may become a Cavalier, by giving up all ranks in the class being given up to become a 1st rank Cavalier provided that the participant has won a Noble Council Tournament. Cavaliers are characters who serve a particular god or crusade for a cause. They must be of lawful alignment whether it is good, neutral, or evil.


Cavaliers must wear a cloth sash as a symbol of their character type; the color of the sash should reflect the Cavalier's alignment; white for good, gray for neutral, and black for evil. This sash represents a Cavalier's 'holy symbol' for any spells requiring one as a material component (see Chapter Six: Spells and Magic).


Battle is the eternal test of manhood.


Any character may become a Cavalier by giving up all; but at least 15, ranks in a single class. The former rank 15+ class would be deleted in favor of a rank 1 Cavalier. Cavaliers are typically wealthy or high-born characters who serve a particular god, crusade, or cause.


Cavaliers must wear their personal heraldry (see Chapter Two: Heraldry and Livery). Their heraldry replaces the need for a 'holy symbol' for any spells requiring one as a material component (see Chapter Six: Spells and Magic).


Battle is the eternal test of Chivalry.

10. Cosigners
a. Gor Strayhorn
b. Kuroc the Bearclaw

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