Redland 3/10

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Sir Sturmbjorne
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Redland 3/10

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2013-03-10

Post em boys and girls. Post em.
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Re: Redland 3/10

Post by fingers630 » 2013-03-12

NO pics eh? Thrush disapproves.
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Thrush Svartehjertet
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Re: Redland 3/10

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2013-03-13

Indeed. Lazy pricks.

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Gor Strayhorn
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Re: Redland 3/10

Post by Gor Strayhorn » 2013-03-13

Tiffany (Vyx/Ravenna) takes pictures most events but she doesn't have a board account. So here they are. I don't know if her profile is set on private or public.

Pics: ... 211&type=3

Videos of War Action: ... 211&type=2
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