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Windle Dregon
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New to Drakon

Post by Windle Dregon » 2014-01-19

I am new to this. I just need a little push in the right direction of what to do. I know little to nothing about what to do or where to go. Can someone please offer some aid.

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Re: New to Drakon

Post by Snudge » 2014-01-19

come to the battle at Oregon ridge this coming sunday (1/26/14), there are a multitude of people who will be glad to show you how it works and there is a speech for new players that explains the game
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Re: New to Drakon

Post by [__Yak__] » 2014-01-20

^ all of this. And be sure people know that you didn't come with a current player. A lot of vets who would be friendly if they know you're alone won't really engage you if they think someone brought you. It's not personal, it's a matter of not wanting to "poach" someone else's new player - and just being really busy with their own stuff.

When you get there, you'll see a line (or something somewhat resembling a line) - if you make your way to that you'll see people with clipboards. They're the costume marshalls - and if you make first contact with them they can give you some advices on who to talk to - or maybe even make a connection for you. (They won't have A LOT of time for you - since they are doing a job - but they WILL point you somewhere with a smile) Nearly every country will have some loaner garb and weapons for you to try out.

Also - feel free to wander around and talk to other people in other units. As a "nomad" you'll be excluded from any country dealings or politics. So if the country you're in calls a private meeting wander over and fight/talk with someone else ...

Good luck!
- Yak

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