Different kinds of punishments for infractions?

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Different kinds of punishments for infractions?

Post by BaiterofBAMC » 2012-02-16

I was wondering if there are other kinds of punishments for safety infractions short of suspensions and banning. I have concerns about how some particular players are unsafe with certain weapons. In this case I'm referencing greatswords. Can the club ban a player from the use of a particular weapon if there is a track record of unsafe use? If anyone who wants to address this in an official position please PM me.

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Re: Different kinds of punishments for infractions?

Post by Sir Gwydion » 2012-04-19

There are, and yes. To my knowledge it has been done before.

If you take issue with a player, please report it to your friendly neighborhood NC member as soon as possible so it can be brought to the group as a whole. The institutional memory of Darkon resides in the NC and we take our job of watching dangerous players and situations carefully in order to make recommendations on disciplinary action to the EB.
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