Question - Ancient attendence records...

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Question - Ancient attendence records...

Post by Sir Aethilgar » 2012-09-27

... who has them?

My fighting in Darkon occurred in from 1987 to the early 90s. During that time; I earned my knighthood in combat and obtained credits as a Cavalier (primary), Thief, and Mage. I recall what powers and spells I once had but wished to confirm these ranks through official records, if available. If such records are not available, who do I petition to have such records recreated?

Ditto for several other Minathlani who are considering returning under my banner.
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Re: Question - Ancient attendence records...

Post by Inox » 2012-09-27

When the records went digital, many of the very old player records were still in the file. Send email to, and he can give you info on how to access the online character record database. :D
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