Searching for a new realm to call home

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Searching for a new realm to call home

Post by WaryTraveler » 2013-02-03

Hello members of Darkon!

I bid you hello from Knight Realms,
It seems a turn of events sent me further south and I've landed in maryland. I've been searching for any LARPing in my new home state and I have stumbled here. As i'm reading into the rules and lurking around on the forums I may ask a few questions if you don't mind, pardon my ignorance if I haven't lurked further.

From my understanding your LARP is very combat oriented? That assumption meaning just one giant fight and home before dark type of thing? I noticed you have "Campout" events which is normally only what im used too is open roleplaying amongst the players and casual npc encounters and one major event on the last day. I got so into the community there was always a shortage of people that wanted to npc I always volunteered (Glutton for punishment haha).

I very much enjoyed that environment but when it came to the real life aspect of making a living I had to make a choice to move else where for work :(. So a little homesick i'm looking for something just a tad bit similar, could this be you? :)

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Sir Sturmbjorne
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Re: Searching for a new realm to call home

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2013-02-03

Darkon in general is a very combat oriented LARP, but there has been movement within the past few years that increase RP. RP is really what you make it in the realm of Darkon.
Day events are generally from 12pm-4pm and consist of two-teams, some adventures sometimes, land searches, Senate (rules changes etc) and Court (occasionally)
Campouts are generally multi-day events that is 100% in garb in character, where you could be attacked in camp in the middle of the night. There is generally ALOT more RP during these events because of the plot of the campout and country politics.
We welcome anyone who wants to punish themselves as NPCs and I think you may find a home here in Darkon.
That being said, if you do come out; go to the newbie speeches; they are very important!

Welcome and I hope to see you on the battlefield.
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Re: Searching for a new realm to call home

Post by Zodiac89 » 2013-02-04

Greetings Wanderer! Stay a while and listen. You can find a wealth of information on these forums and by reading through the rulebook. Don't be afraid to mingle and get more acquainted with us, and us you.
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Re: Searching for a new realm to call home

Post by Artex » 2013-02-05

There is as much RP in darkon as you look for. There are people who want to get in to heavy RP and you can hook up with them. But I think it's like a 60/30/10 split 60% fighters 30% RP/Fighter Mix, and 10% Hard core RPers. Those are loose estimates.

I've been to a Knights Realm event, Darkon is nothing like it. There are some Nero groups in MD if you are looking for a game simular to Knights realm. DOn't take that as me saying don't come out, Darkon is a hell of a lot of fun just very different from KR.

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Re: Searching for a new realm to call home

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2013-02-09

As others have stated Darkon is what you make of it. The best plan is to come out and get to know everyone and get a feeling of what we are about. I think if you keep a open mind there are many fun times to be had and friends to get to know.

HRM Cailen Sendor
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