The Church wants YOU

This is where countries, retinues and other in-game bodies should post recruitment statements.
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Pope Faleris I
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The Church wants YOU

Post by Pope Faleris I » 2012-05-17

To the Realm at large, greetings. As many of you know, I am charged with bringing together a legion of holy soldiers, to defend the realm as needed, from this undead scourge. Some nations have lost lives and territory to this menace. Every victory by these mindless abominations is a loss for us ALL. Every inch of power they gain, we move closer to them sieging our castles, keeps, and townships.
I ask friend and enemy alike to put aside their differences, with me or with each other, and join me in this most righteous quest to defend the realm, regardless of where the threat arises.
Requirements are simple.
1. Own your own Holy Weapon.
2. Swear fealty to defend the Realm from the undead when called upon.
3. Submit to truthspeak to ensure pure intentions. (this last is a necessary precaution, as I fear the are those who would wish to infiltrate our numbers to feed information to the scourge, or worse)
4.NOTICE: Failure to heed the call, must be met with written reason, or exemption to defend ones own lands from scourge, or War. Offensive war actions will not be seen as a valid excuse for failure to perform one's duties, and you will be relieved of your duty as a defector.
5.I reserve the right to refuse anyone to serve with us at anytime. If a problem arises between brothers in arms, suspension from service until the situation is quelled, will be implemented.
Feel free to sign up for screening process here, or missive me privately.

Pope Faleris of the Northern Kingdoms
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Knight of the Realm

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Lord Cailen Sendor
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Re: The Church wants YOU

Post by Lord Cailen Sendor » 2012-05-17

I Prince Cailen Sendor Paladin of God being of sound mind and broken body will do all in my power to help the people of Darkon remove this plight from our lands. I pledge my assistance in this matter and hope others will heed the call to defend the lands of our ancestors and our children.
++ Respect those above your station and train others under you to surpass your achievements - while you treat others with the respect you expect to receive in return! ++

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Re: The Church wants YOU

Post by Fiyero » 2012-05-19

I would join in support of Prince Cailen and the safety of the realm, but all I have at my disposal is a silver weapon so I must show support in other ways I suppose
Fiyero Weyland
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Re: The Church wants YOU

Post by sunny11 » 2015-01-29

to defend the realm as needed, from this undead scourge. Some nations have lost lives and territory to this menace.

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Sir Sturmbjorne
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Re: The Church wants YOU

Post by Sir Sturmbjorne » 2015-01-29

This menace has long since been dealt with, so I am told, my lands of Asaheim were still lost amongst the fogs of the All Father.
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