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Important please read

Post by Magistrate » 2013-10-28

We have senate coming up on 11/17/2013.

We have a huge list of cosigned proposals on this forum.

If you are willing to present your proposal or you have someone lined up to present your proposal and you wish it to be reviewed and voted on this year during my term then you must contact me in any manner to get on the agenda ASAP. Private message / mail to the Magistrate / at this coming event / Facebook ... ect

Failure to contact me will mean that the proposal will not get on the agenda and not be presented during my term and you will have to wait till 2014 for it to get voted upon.

Thank you and I look forward to receiving mail from those willing to present.

Please provide me the exact thing you are proposing - who is cosigning - and who will be presenting it on 11/17 for review.

In service,
HRM Cailen Sendor
of Elidor
Magistrate 2013

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