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Garb and You, 2014 (Read this)

Posted: 2014-06-02
by Lord Valfryn
The magistrate contacted me regarding our garb standards. Violations will be sought and addressed. As a player, please seek to correct any possible garb violations before this coming event (June 15th). This initiative is designed to improve our game via its image and promote creativity and craftsmanship. This is a unilateral "warning" to everyone. No warnings will be given henceforth.

Common infractions are:

Exposed logos.
Inappropriate footwear.
Inappropriate footwear lacing.
Modern clothing: visible cargo pockets, t-shirts, white socks gleaming through costumes.

Resistance or complaints will be met with denial of play. Do not harass our marshals, nobles or elders. There are rules, they are following them, and it is their jobs to enforce them.

If a player has questions regarding their costume, please contact the garb marshals, armor marshals, nobles. We are here to help guide you in the design and implementation of your legal costuming.

So once again, please inspect your costume before June 15th, spread the word among your country members. Substandard garb will be met with appropriate response (either the 1-sword penalty, or denial of play). Since the next event is an Armor-less event, I would like to see effort placed into the COSTUME of our players.

Re: Garb and You, 2014 (Read this)

Posted: 2014-06-03
by Thrush Svartehjertet
Need better than passing garb? Got $20? (if you don't have $20 for garb, you may want to get a job, THEN play Darkon)

Check out this $20 garb challenge that Dagorhir does every year: ... 192.0.html

There's what you can do with $20 and some time and creativity. This is a hobby for creative people. Either be broke and creative, or be boring and buy your garb. I prefer to be boring and buy my garb. ;p


Re: Garb and You, 2014 (Read this)

Posted: 2014-06-03
by Lord Valfryn
Thanks for that. I just fwd that to the FB masses, and even gave them loads of links from the Dag garb boards.