Order of Mask Nominees for 2015

Official announcements from various governing bodies of the club.
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Order of Mask Nominees for 2015

Post by fingers630 » 2015-11-19

Golden Spud- Awarded to one individual annually for having a great attitude and showing eagerness and loyalty to the club. Awarded by the Senate to a player that has joined the Club within the past 12 months. (Circle One)
• Bryan Burr aka Shri Na of CB
• Andrea Nichols aka Tessa of NQ!
• Scrub of Aquilonia
• Leon Bruce aka Odii of NK
• Nathan Scott of BW
• Ray aka Dnomiar of Asaheim
• Zachary Martin

Order of the Mask (CM)- Given to one individual annually, chosen as the best representation of their class. Companions of the Mask are awarded by the Senate. (Choose One in each class)
• Thom Hitz aka Lord Fingers (5 Events)
• Chris Murphy aka Lord Valfryn (7 Events)
• Alynna Lunaris aka Foxglove (3 Events)
• Kevin Zygmontas aka Prince Inox of NQ! (13 events)
• None of the above

• Sam Wright aka Swolson of NK (13 events)
• Justin Willoughby aka Baron Tyriel of NQ! (11 events)
• Gary Black aka HRM Malkin of NQ! (15 events)
• Larry Knotts aka Earl de Braxus of NK (10 events)
• Dan Boomhower aka Sir Martin of BAMC (2 events)
• Bryan Lolmaugh aka Jarl Wulvin of Asaheim (9 events)
• None of the above

• Steve Brown aka Sir Faleris of NK (3 events)
• Dane McKoy aka Duke Exodus of BW (13 events)
• Jessica Cooke aka Zahar of BW (15 events)
• Amy Gardner McNeal aka Baroness Kiera of NK (7 events)
• Nick Garcia aka Ryliin of CB (11 events)
• Joe Darcy aka Kronos (10 events)
• Russel Voight aka Joshua of BAMC (13 events)
• John Kornreich aka Havoc of BW (4 events)
• None of the above

• Brenton Windle aka Emris (2 events)
• Fyxe of NQ! (14 events)
• Jenn Lawson aka Muffin of BH (14 events)
• Amanda Scott aka Soma of BAMC (15 events)
• None of the above

• Shawn Kozlov aka Cas (6 events)
• Nick Senuira aka Caeldoarn of Elidor (12 events)
• None of the above

• Jidobei of CB (13 events)
• Shane Watts aka Belryn of CB (1 event)
• Herb Dawson aka Broseidon of BW (11 events)
• Richard Scott aka Helios of BW (13 events)
• Stephen Rein aka Zur of BAMC (12 events)
• None of the above

• Leo Pace aka Saif of BW (8 events)
• Tanner aka Pain of Ched (12 events)
• Thinh Nguyen aka Baiter of BAMC (3 events)
• None of the above

• Gregory Sim aka Lynx of BW (7 events)
• Oskar aka Malakaiof NK (17 events)
• Bryan Klages aka Yard Arm of AQ (7 events)
• Jeff Yohe aka Vermin of Ched (2 events)
• Ken Moler of BAMC (8 events)
• None of the above

• Dallas Pierce aka Waco of BAMC (14 events)
• Marci Smith aka Mishan (3 events)
• Linda Sim aka BellaDonna (4 events)
• Dan Boomhower aka Whisper of BAMC (1 event)
• None of the above

Warrior Mage
• Robert Marietta aka Bard (7 events)
• Jacque Blake aka Dame __ of BW (17 events)
• John Kornreich aka Sir __ of BW (3 events)
• Denzel Wimbush aka Knees of Ched (14 events)
• Michael Shulman aka Ruin of Kindred (0 events)
• Benjamin Lolmaugh aka Gor of Asaheim (0 events)
• Robert Chung aka Zero (11 events)
• Christopher Hicks aka Vorn’dys of CB (1 event)
• Vyr Shadowolf of Asaheim (0 events)
• Jeff Foster aka Diggy (3 events)
• Jared Silvia aka Fiyero of BAMC (5 events)
• None of the above
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