Discipline Transparency for countries & the NC

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Discipline Transparency for countries & the NC

Post by Snudge » 2014-02-10

I propose the following be added to the bylaws
Item 1 added under - Article V: The Noble Council, Item 8
Item 2 added under - Article III: Board of Directors, Item 2, Subsection b: Vice President as "viii"

1.) "The noble council will notify the Vice President, when a member of the country is spoken to on an issue regarding a rules infraction and/or disciplinary issue. This notification is to be documented"

2.) "Responsible for notifying country contacts when a member of their country is spoken to by the NC"

Reasoning - As it stands only the NC and the person spoken to know when a talk is had. So suspensions come as a surprise, I think it would benefit the game and the discipline process as a whole if the country a person belongs to was also aware they had been spoken to by the NC for an infraction. And that said talk was documented. Which makes it easier to keep track of who was talked to and when, which then prevents surprises down the road and allows a country to address the issue internally as well. The notification isn't for the watch list, but when an actual talk is done between a player and the NC. I believe adding some transparency is a good thing.

The VP chairs the NC so any action by the NC the VP will know about anyway. Instead of having the NC have to worry about who is what in terms of country contacts and getting that info. Its simpler to just have the VP tell the country contact(s) of the relevant country since as an EB member they know who in each country to speak with. IE country leaders

Changed it around a little to simplify coordination based on Inox's suggestions from below
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Re: Discipline Transparency for countries & the NC

Post by Inox » 2014-02-10

I think that if you want a country contact, it should be the same person identified to the Magistrate under the current rules as being able to speak for a country. The NC is performing a vital function for the game as it is handling safety and discipline issues; it's not reasonable to suddenly expect them to track an ever-changing list of country contacts of constantly-changing countries to notify or be in violation. This is doubly important because historically, many of the worst offenders have often moved from country to country, and/or had long periods as a nomad.

The NC can notify the Magistrate or VP, who could then push that information out to country contacts. We document in our minutes who is talked to, by whom, and why. Easy enough for it to go out that way. If a country does not have someone on record with the Magistrate, then that's on them.
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