Proposal: Scale Armor

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Gor Bloodclaw
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Proposal: Scale Armor

Post by Gor Bloodclaw » 2014-04-23

Purpose: To add a new armor selection for those that use superior scales.

Rule Proposed: Under Armor Class 4 on page 23 add the following:

"Scale armor is made of is made of steel or bronze scales with rounded bottoms. The scales must be at least 0.0478" thick (18 gauge SWG). As with leather scale, it must be fastened to heavy material or leather in alternating rows. The scales may also be woven together with metal rings, eliminating the need for a backing material. In either case, the scales overlap each other completely so that there are 2 layers of scales everywhere except at the edges of the armor."

(All most all of this was just copied from the current rule on scale mail.)


This will make the game look better, give additional options for armor selection and give a clearer definition of banded armor in its relation to scale mail.
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