Conjured Weapon

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Conjured Weapon

Post by fingers630 » 2015-01-26

Proposal Spell: Conjured Weapon

Unread postby IRTame » Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:53 am

Hello, I'm fairly new to Darkon and have been unable to attend events, but I have been reading through the rule book and the spells. I was thinking of creating a Warrior Mage character, but it seemed weird in my eyes that there was not a way to make your own weapon based on your arcane skill level. When I thought of warrior mage, i assumed his/her spells would be the weapons/ armor he/she needs to stay in the fight, as opposed to being distanced or on the back lines like most mages would be. Here's my idea so far for this ability.
Conjured Weapon:
Length: 200-350 syllables
Range: Touch
Energy Cost: 1(short cast)/ 3 spell points(permanent cast).
Duration: 2 hours/ Permanent
Area of Effect: 1 item/ weapon
Material Component: Purple tape/ ribbon.
The user is allowed to create a weapon of any type in the midst of battle based on their own arcane knowledge. These weapons deal normal point damage, however they are able to gain effects of other elemental energy that are a part of their arcane knowledge. If the blade is imbued this way, the blade does not deal additional damage, however it is able to broaden it's horizon, striking enemies that may be immune to traditional base damage.

Conjured weapons must be marked with a purple ribbon, tape or cloth to indicate it's use. The weapon only lasts for a short period of time, and is essentially used when a mage is disarmed or ambushed and are in need of a back up plan. Some, however, are able to make this a permanent conjuring losing a lot of their current energy.

By permanently conjuring a weapon, you are no longer able to conjure other permanent weapons, only creating the short hand version of the spell.
For a Warrior Mage build:

At Rank 1, users are able to create slashing weapons and daggers only.
At Rank 3, They are allowed to create missile weapons
At Rank 5, They are allowed to make crushing weapons, and are able to enchant their slashing weapons only.
At Rank 7, They are allowed to create stabbing weapons
At Rank 10, They are allowed to create cleaving weapons, and are able to enchant stabbing weapons in addition to slashing.
At Rank 13, They are allowed to create siege weapons, and are able to add enchantments to all weapons they create except missile and siege weapons.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read the post~

*I have moved this to the proposal discussion so people can discuss your idea. Once you get 2 cosigners and have a finished submission, you can repost it to the submission section and it will be added to the Darkon Senate agenda. You must be present to present your idea to the Senate,which will then discuss it.

On a personal note, I will say that most new players in the game should spend some time playing it before making proposals, but that is entirely up to you. Also purple tape/ribbon is also in use for poisons.

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Re: Conjured Weapon

Post by Noctis » 2015-02-11

This seems rather overpowered compared to other abilities.

Are the Weapons only destructible by Dispel magic? I certainly am not fan of this being able to create ranged weapons (does this mean arrows too? Can other archers/fighters use the arrows/bolts/javelins that are thrown?)

The enchantment part, are you saying they count as being Enchanted weapons (like the monk ability), that you can cast enchantment on them like the Mage spell, or that they be enchanted with True Strike?

Siege weapons... No... just, no, especially when you can cast from scrolls, Fireball.

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