Archery alteration proposal

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Lord Valfryn
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Archery alteration proposal

Post by Lord Valfryn » 2015-04-23

As it stands, archery is poorly balanced, hard to maintain, and can stand some revitalization. I suggest these changes to archery, reflected in the rulebook by Bold,
1:cleaned up a redundant sentence ( didn't need to re-tell what happens if you intentionally block an arrow when you'[re not a monk)
2: added Arrow Damage (does one point, ignores all AC other than AC4, and inflicts "armor destroyed" on that when it hits.
3: Got rid of "passive block" with weapons/hands with weapons in them, that is an annoyingly exploitable concept

Weapon Types Examples
Slashing Weapons (White – 1 Point) Short Swords, Long Swords, Hand Axes, White Glaives
Crushing Weapons (Yellow – 1 point) Clubs, Bars, Maces, Hammers, Quarterstaffs, Flails, Morning Stars
Piercing Weapons (Red – 2 points) Daggers, Spears, Tridents, stabbing tips on weapons
Cleaving Weapons (Black – 2 points) Great Swords, Halberds, Battle Axes, Black Glaives
Arrows (Arrow - 1 point) Arrows

Missile Weapons
There are two types of missile weapons in Darkon: javelins and arrows. Missile weapons are legal only to normal legal hit zones. Javelins do red damage, while arrows do "arrow" damage. Arrow damage does 1 point of damage to any location struck, bypassing all armor but AC4. Targets wearing AC4 that are struck by an arrow suffer an Armor Destroyed effect upon that location regardless of the state of the armor. Arrows and javelins must impact by their tips in order to inflict damage; glancing hits do not cause damage.
Arrows and javelins may be blocked normally by shields. Javelins may also be blocked, caught, or deflected as long as this is done to the shaft of the javelin. If an arrow is intentionally blocked, caught, or deflected by a participant through means other than a shield, that participant suffers a light wound to the limb that blocked the arrow, regardless of armor. The same penalty applies to a participant who interferes with the flight of a javelin by its tip.

Specifically if a player deflects an arrow by use of a weapon or hand and they are not a monk they are required to take a light wound in the arm doing the deflection regardless of skin spells or armor, dropping any held weapon to the ground immediately. The damage caused in this case is a penalty for doing something strictly against the rules.

If your weapon is struck and you did NOT place your weapons(including a hand holding a weapon) to act as a deflection point then and only then you are to take the wound as if your weapon was not there to deflect the arrow, using proper judgement.

Missile weapon hits do not count if they have ricocheted or deflected off a shield or another participant. They must hit directly in order to count.

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Sir Havoc
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Re: Archery alteration proposal

Post by Sir Havoc » 2015-04-23

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Gor Strayhorn
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Re: Archery alteration proposal

Post by Gor Strayhorn » 2015-04-23

I thought we were trying to simplify the rules dont add another damage category. Anyways, why the boost to armor penetration? Was it lacking before? What is the need for the proposal?
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Re: Archery alteration proposal

Post by Cas » 2015-04-25

I think you should add fireball arrows too.
Any arrow with a red cloth cover does fireball damage. Usable by everyone. If a fireball arrow is found on the ground it can be tossed into the fight and acts like a fireball.
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Re: Archery alteration proposal

Post by mtaylor » 2015-05-13

If your weapon is struck and you did NOT place your weapons(including a hand holding a weapon) to act as a deflection point then and only then you are to take the wound as if your weapon was not there to deflect the arrow, using proper judgement.

A rare case, but how would we handle, currently and in this proposal, projectiles hitting weapons from an angle that absent the weapon would miss the player? The example I have in mind is an arrow or javelin hitting the arm of a bow (the bow, not the arm holding the bow) or a nocked arrow from the side.

It has happened, and I tend to just take the death / wound, but is that the intent?

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Thrush Svartehjertet
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Re: Archery alteration proposal

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2015-05-26

I don't see the point in this. Please elaborate on why this is needed? A words cleanup is one thing, but why ad the changes to game play, please tell us your thoughts.

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Re: Archery alteration proposal

Post by fingers630 » 2015-05-28

Yep im fine with how arrows are now, but I only get a vote if its a tie.
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