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Potions and Scrolls Proposal

Post by fingers630 » 2014-02-10

Ok here is final wording. I have addressed changing "words" to "syllables", adjust price from 1sp per level to 1gp per level, included what to do with old scrolls/potions, and added line item veto of allowing NPCs/Elders to create potions scrolls. I also added Warrior Mages since they weren't in original wording, but are allowed to make potions/scrolls.

Potions and Scrolls
Potions and Scrolls may be created by Mages, Druids, Warrior Mages, and Clerics of 10th Rank or higher; the creation of potions and scrolls is an Adventure‐Only ability. To create a potion or scroll, the maker must inform the Potions and Scrolls Marshal, or the Vice President, at check‐in and pay a cost of 10 Silver Pieces and 1 Spell Point per spell rank. The maker must also declare at that time what type of Potion or Scroll he is making. The Potions and Scrolls Marshal will then sign and date the potion or scroll, making it valid for use. Scrolls and potions are valid for ONE YEAR from the date marked on them when created.

(For scrolls and scrolls already in the game, BEFORE they can be legally used, the owner must present the item to the Potions/Scrolls Marshal, or the Vice President, to have their item given a “creation date”. They have exactly 1 year from the creation date listed to use their potion/scroll.)

Payment is due and Spell Points are expended immediately once the potion or scroll has been signed. A participant may only make potions or scrolls during an adventure event, and can only be make them during a full day of adventuring (i.e. a participant may not make a potion or scroll on the Friday night of a campout). Also note that the participant may not make potions or scrolls while Eldering or acting as an NPC* . Potions and Scrolls are not lootable if carried by the participant who made them, on the same day on which they are created. Other than that, they are considered treasure, and may be stolen or looted.

Each adventure the spellcaster receives 3 potion/scroll points. The points are expended on created a potion or scroll depending on the level of the spell used (see table below).

1st level 1 point
2nd level 1 point
3rd level 1 point
4th level 2 points
5th level 2 points
6th level 2 points
7th level 3 points
8th level 3 points
9th level 3 points
10th level 3 points

The creation process requires the maker to have the potion or scroll components. Potions require a 20 oz. or smaller plastic bottle or vial and the components of the spell (one dose of potion per bottle); scrolls require the spell to be written on a piece of parchment paper and the components of the spell.

Only character types that would normally be able to cast the spell may use a scroll. For example, a Mage and a Druid could both use a Lightning Bolt scroll, but a Mage could not use a Cure Light Wounds scroll. The exception to this is a Thief of 9 Rank or higher; he may use the Read Magical Languages ability, see Chapter Five: Types of Characters, to read and cast any scroll. When writing the spell on the scroll, the creator should determine the number of syllables according to his rank; therefore, the spell length may be reduced up to 50% if the creator’s rank warrants that reduction.

Any participant may use a potion. No fluid must be inside the potion bottle, nor must the participant actually consume any liquid to use the potion; it is a representation and only the role‐played motions of drinking the liquid and putting on the spell component, if any, are required. Any physical components needed for the spell must be inside of, or attached to, the bottle.

Potions may only be created for certain spells; they are as follows:

Spell Rank Spell is Acquired
Cure Light 1st rank Cleric and 3rd rank Druid
Cure Disease 4th rank Cleric and 7th rank Druid
Cure Serious 5th rank Cleric and 7th rank Druid
Cure Mortal 7th rank Cleric
Missile Ward 5th rank Warrior Mage
Neutralize Poison 5th rank Cleric and 5th rank Druid
Resurrection 10th rank Cleric
Protection from Lightning 3rd rank Mage and 3rd rank Druid
Protection from Ice 4th rank Mage
Protection from Fire 7th rank Mage
Stoneskin 6th rank Mage
Growth 7th rank Mage
Gaseous Form 8th rank Mage

* Line item veto:
Remove this text, and allow Players volunteering as an Elder, or an NPC to create potions/scrolls for the day.

Cosigned by:

Tyriel of NQ
Snudge of Nurgle
Varnak of Ched Nesad

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