Shields simplification

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Shields simplification

Post by shroom2021 » 2016-11-29

Proposal: Replace existing non-magical shield rules with the following text:

"Shields in Darkon are the most effective protection against physical attacks and will block any attack from all non-siege weapons. A participant may only use one shield. There may be no shield spikes or other 'hard' decorations on the front or edge of a shield. Shields may not be thrown.
A shield may be made in any style, shape, or size according to the character type restrictions of the participant. The size of the shield is measured by the shields's largest dimension.
Shields 36'' and under are not required to have cores, but must be rigid. If the shield has a core, it must have at least 1(1/2)'' of foam past the core.
Shields over 36'' must be constructed with a solid plywood core at least (1/2)'' thick, and the wood must be well padded on the front, outer edges, and corners, with no less than 1(1/2)'' and no more than 6'' of foam from the outer edge of the core. The wood may contain holes for handles and fitting, but holes to simply remove weight are forbidden.
Any protrusions should be sufficiently padded. All shields must have a cloth or Plasti Dip covering. Shields are held by straps or handles which are bolted to the wood on the back of the shield. All exposed bolts or sharp edged handles must be filed down or padded. The area immediately around and in between the straps does not require padding, but must still be safe.
If a shield receives three solid hits from a shield-destroying weapons (glancing blows do not count) it is considered destroyed and must be dropped. If a particular Relic or spell will penetrate a shield, it will be stated in the description of the Relic or spell.
Because some types of shields may be difficult to remove during combat, any hits to the area a destroyed shield is connected to will count as a normal hit to that area."

-Add to backstab/deathstrike: "Penetrates body mounted shields"

-Option Line Items:
1. Alter the following line: "A participant may only use one shield"
It will instead say: "A participant may only use one shield over 18'' at a time. If both shields are under 18'', the participant may use no more than two."

2. Add the following: " Shields may strapped onto the back or arm(s). " following the sentence "Shields may not be thrown."

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