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Bellum Photos

Post by Amazing_Iltztafein » 2012-11-19

I put them on my photography page so it's public by default and nobody has to sign in or have an account! ... 5390400962

There are even two photos of Thrush firing arrows (see, I took photos of you AND they're up for you to see!)

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Thrush Svartehjertet
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Re: Bellum Photos

Post by Thrush Svartehjertet » 2012-11-19

You're a gentleman and a scholar... Thanks.

I like the emphasis that is put on this. I truly only care about pictures of myself... Glad ya'll realize this. *rolls eyes* Darkon misses more points than Shaq at the free throw line...

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Re: Bellum Photos

Post by Zentor » 2012-11-21

All mine are up now.

Warboss Gutzmangul
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Re: Bellum Photos

Post by Warboss Gutzmangul » 2012-11-21

Awesome photos! I always appreciate it when people take the time and effort to make awesome memories for Darkon.

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