Monk Unarmed/magic fist proposal proposal

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Monk Unarmed/magic fist proposal proposal

Post by lorewraith » 2016-03-04

Monk Unarmed/magic fist proposal

"At 10th rank, a Monk may strike with any weapon as if it were enchanted by the Create Magic Weapon spell. A Monk may not loan his weapon away and have it considered to be enchanted; this skill is derived from the Monk himself, not the we"

Chang the above to say:

"At 10 Monks strike With their Unarmed Fighting ability (as Discribed in Rank 1) as if their Unarmed fighting is Enchanted Such as the Create Magic weapon spell. This Skill is Derived From the Monk himself and can not be destroy by Destroy magic weapon or dispell magic. In Addition unarmed will reflect the Monks increase of Mental and Physical power considering their First (Clubs) to do double Yellow Damage."

This proposal will remove the ability for monk to pick up any weapon and have it considered "Enchanted" and focus more to their unarmed combat, Considering it a boosted.

Over the years I've seen less people Play out with the 2 clubs Roleplaying This "monk fist" in many adaptations I see why and the need for monks to "channel" their energies though their weapons but mostly through their Fists. As we come more into the Roleplay aspect of the game switching this abilitie to enchant all weapons to the "monk fist" skill could add a new dinamic level to the class

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